Turf Vandalism Disrupts Practice

The unpatched turf on Saturday, October 9th. Photo by Keegan Jackson.

In the early morning hours of Saturday, October 9th, the turf field was vandalized. The vandal remains unknown, and there is an ongoing investigation through the school and district security department. The turf was repaired with a temporary patch on Tuesday, October 12th, and a permanent repair is planned for the spring, weather permitting. Athletic director, Brendan Netherton, said “I don’t know who it was. I hope it wouldn’t be any student, but I think that our kids are great, and they wouldn’t do that to our own things, since it’s our own backyard. It effects so many people, not just athletics, but people that rent it out in the community.”

The quick repair allowed for a prompt resumption of all activities that use the turf, such as sports and marching band practices. “I don’t know why people do what they do sometimes… they were to make a statement, to hurt our brand of Pine Creek or athletics. When you take a piece a turf or you dig a hole somewhere, it hinders us from doing what we do best here, and they were just being mean. I’d love to ask them that– what the purpose of that was,” said Netherton, who’s primary responsibility in response to the vandalism is coordinating the repairs and replacements. “My first priority is to make sure it gets fixed, and to make sure that we just continue to do what we do, which is being the greatest,” said Netherton.