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School Rules

Are Campus Rules Fair? Students Share their Views and Experiences.

The new school year, brings new changes, and school rules are no exception. Many of the old school rules have stayed the same though new rules have been added to the system. For example, the addition of vape detectors in both boys and girls bathrooms, the implementation of stricter tardy policies and the addition of extra security in the lunchroom.

“The rules this year have been quite strict in my opinion. I think that if I could change it I would change the amount of security there is in the lunch line since I feel like its a very niche problem I understand the reason but I think it is unnecessary,” said Neville Jijina (12). Although he describes the intense security in the lunchroom, he also explains how it’s highly unnecessary and he wasn’t the only one who had the same line of thinking.

“I would also change the amount of security at lunch since I sometimes really need to speak to a teacher then, but I’m not allowed to and forced to wait until I have a smaller amount of time to do it,” said Alexa Genin (11). Genin also had the same thought process but she had added on to not allowing students to leave lunch when wanting to go speak to a teacher, which leaves them with little time on their hands. Finding time to speak to teachers is a complication but running out of time and confronting the consequences is another.

“I also think they need to chill a little bit on the rules though, I get that they need to get their point across, but the consequences are a bit extreme. It’s too easy for us to be a minute past the bell because of the crowded hallways and before we know it we’re serving lunch detention,” said Sydney Ashton (11). As Ashton points out, students could still be a minute late to their classes since the hallways are crowded with additional students and the freshmen still getting comfortable with the area. Crowded hallways are a major problem for students who are actually trying to head to their classes on time or talk to their teachers about any assignments they may have questions for.

“I don’t believe that we have the same freedom we did a couple years ago,” said Joshua Dressman (11). The student hand book from last year detailed more leniency for student tardiness.  Receiving detention for being tardy to 3rd period after lunch was changed this year. Students now receive lunch detention on their way into class, and this causes students to become later to class and miss more instructional time. 

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