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New Modulars: Solved Some Problems, Created New Ones

New modulars create increased foot traffic, hallway congestion.

During 2022 and 2023 students and teachers had to deal with packed classrooms, crowded hallways and teachers who had to travel and share rooms.  Over the 2023 summer the school attempted to fix the over-crowding problem by installing new modulars outside the 200 pods, creating more capacity for students and teachers.

Leonardo Parra (12) is a part of Creek Connection, and says that with the increase in school enrollment, the former capacity was not enough for all the students. “We have a lot of freshman, around 500 freshman and we don’t have the capacity to hold every one of them,” said Parra. Housing these students is now possible with the addition of the six classrooms in three modulars.

The modulars give the school space it needs, and students think that the modulars are pleasant. Tristan Pack (10) finds the classrooms alright, but thinks that it’s much better for teachers, since some had to move classrooms. “I think they are alright and some teachers don’t have classrooms to go to, I feel like some teachers have to move classrooms, it might be a better alternative to teachers who don’t have their own classrooms,” said Pack.

The modulars according to Parra are good, but are terrible for getting to lunch. “They’re pretty good, they feel nice and it’s nice to go outside, but I think [an issue] is that if you have to [go] do a line in lunch, you are [stuck] in the back of the line, it’s complicated to get lunch in time,” said Parra. The new modulars have been well received by students, but outside factors have been making them less pleasurable, such as congestion in the school’s hallways.

The hallway congestion has gotten terrible. “When you enter the school, especially the main stairs going to the main office, that’s where it gets bad. If you are trying to get lunch and try to go to the other stairs it is even worse, so congestion is just bad in general,” said Parra.

While others see the modulars creating congestion, others think the modulars don’t create congestion, like Jiwoo Kim (11). “[The hallway congestion is] not that bad, it’s pretty quick” said Kim. The modulars were a definite requirement to solve the space problem the school was having. Students also find the new modulars serve well as classrooms, but some find the congestion increasingly bad, especially when going to lunch.

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Kayden Williams, Editorial Board
Kayden Williams (12) is excited to continue being a reporter on talon media, especially since he's a senior. He especially enjoys covering events for clubs at Pine Creek. He hopes to become a computer programmer in the future, and is excited to lead the next group of reporters.

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