AP Exam Season


It’s time for students to take their AP tests. AP students try their hardest to study for AP tests with practice tests, past material, and hard work. Even though it may be hard with anxiety, students have confidence they can do well and earn college credit.

Having good sleep and going over any past material keeps you alert for AP tests. “My best strategy for AP tests is first good sleep because it’s super duper important and going over broad topics and just making sure I know the general details and going over the actual details of the exam,” said Lauren Anderson (10). Recapping what was covered throughout the school year will help AP students remember what they’ve learned so that they know the material well enough to take the AP test. “I just like to review the material that the teacher gives and ask the teacher what the best way to study is,” said Ben Jensen. Instead of trying to study everything shortly before the AP test, use time management efficiently to study for the AP test bit by bit. “I think the best strategy will be to have a plan of action to prepare prior to the test, rather than cramming it right before the test,” Diego Sauceda (11) said.

One thing that motivates AP students to do well on AP tests is their hard work they’ve covered throughout the year. “I set high goals for myself and I want to make sure all the work I’ve done throughout the year is paying off in the test,” said Anderson. AP students need to make all that hard work worth studying for their AP test. “The score and the hard work I’ve put into it, and this test shows how hard I’ve worked,” Sauceda said. Another thing that motivates people to do well on AP tests is having college credit. “If you take the AP test and pass it, you get college credit,” said Jensen.

Studying everything throughout the year is not easy, and it may not be that fun. “There’s a lot of material and you have to study for the whole year,” said Ben Jensen. There is a lot to remember throughout the year in order to take the AP test. “The discipline, it’s a lot of stuff you have to remember and take it into account when you’re doing it, and it’s not the funnest to prepare for,” Sauceda said. In addition to studying everything covered during the year, another challenge is to practice taking the AP test with a time limit. “The hardest part about AP prep is the short time limit we have since we just finished some of our material we’ve been learning and then now we have a huge test that goes over everything,” said Anderson.

“It’s nerve-racking, but I’m excited to show all the work I’ve done has been worth it, and hopefully it pays off with my score,” said Anderson. AP students tend to feel anxious and/or nervous about the AP tests, but with efficient test-taking abilities, they shall feel confident enough with enough AP preparation. “I feel pretty confident, I’m a decent test taker, so I thrive when I take a test, especially when I’m relatively prepared for them,” Sauceda said. With good test-taking strategies and preparation, AP tests may actually turn out to be fun. “It’s hard, but fun,” said Jensen.