Foul Play


The Pine Creek Goose, an icon in the school helping raise morale, vanished. It all started in 2014 when they brought the Goose to an event to help the school spirit. It has been passed on through generations bringing high morale and school spirit to the school. The Goose was active and helped raise the school spirit during the basketball season and around February. That was the last time the Goose was seen at the school events. Taylan Durrell (10) said “I do find it concerning, the Goose is the embodiment of our school spirit, that’s why our spirit has dropped so low.” In the absence of the Goose, morale has dropped and rumors to how the disappearance of the Goose actually happened are loose. 


Two main theories have become the popular explanation for how the Goose disappeared. One popular theory is that the school Rampart has stolen the Goose. This is a popular belief due to the previous encounters the Goose has had with Rampart. Evan Parsons (10) said “I think Rampart would have taken it, they have past beef with us.” Another popular theory is the possibility that there are traitors within the school. Durrel said “Probably stolen I would guess, Traitors amongst the school I would guess.” With school morale so low, students believe that other students are the root of the issues. Joe Woodman (11) said “ I think whoever got the Goose gave it to Rampart, we have a traitor amongst us.” Believing that both theories are true and are both worked together in the theft of the Goose. Mitchel Murdock(12) said “Goose’s whereabouts are in a constant phase of transition. Like most geese, The Goose can’t stay in one environment for too long. She understands that the lack of presence at school events is not as good as it should. Just know she is safe and sound and ready to hype some PC kittens up.” Providing some information on where the Goose is and how they are safe. Although the Goose is safe and sound, the student body still misses the Goose.


Many students are asking for the return of the Goose and the morale and spirit it brings with it. Parsons said “We are not the home of the Eagles, we are the home of the Goose.” Nathan Ritting said “Without the Goose we are nothing, Pine Creek without the Goose is like any other school without a foundation. That Goose is our personality, our dreams, our hopes, our society. It is everything to these students without that goose morality falls, every student is late, morality is down, every student feels awful. We need to send out a search party to find that darned Goose!”