New Take on a Homecoming Tradition


In an effort to be inclusive and respectful to all students, Pine Creek High School changed their voting system for the 2021 homecoming court. Homecoming winners normally consist of a King and a Queen, but this year, Student Council was instructed to change the way our nominees were selected in an effort to be inclusive and gender neutral. Instead of nominees consisting of the top five girls and top five boys from each grade, the nominees were selected by which students from each class had the most votes, regardless of gender. The name was changed from “Homecoming King and Queen,” to “Homecoming Royalty.” For the freshman class, the royals were Lauren Cerrone and Thomas Webb. Ava Amsden and Patrick Simpson were named Sophomore Royalty, Junior Royalty was  Keishawn Jackson and Dana Ko. Finally, for the seniors, announced at the homecoming football game, the winners were DJ Thompson and Paul Dickson. This new selection process has helped students to feel more welcome and connected to others. One of Pine Creek’s goals in administration is to make school a safe space for everyone, including changing the classic traditions in an effort to keep Pine Creek a unique and valued high school.