New Staff Brings New Energy to Pine Creek


Pine Creek has had an increase in students with the new freshman class rivaling the size of freshman class last year. Due to the increase in students, with many staff members leaving, there have been a lot of new staff. Thirty-seven total new staff including teachers, security officers, and janitors. Multiple teachers have retired in many subjects creating gaps where new teachers are needed. With the 6/8 classes policy going through this year, some teachers have also left because of it. With the new teachers, many want to know more about the teachers, such as where they came from or how they feel about Pine Creek.

One new teacher from Pine Creek is Kale Davis, who teaches Algebra 2 and Honors Algebra 2. Kale Davis has lived in Colorado all his life, and has been teaching for six years and has taught everything from Pre-Algebra to Pre-Calculus. Mr. Davis says that at Pine Creek the kids seem more motivated and there is a lot more support for teachers. Another new teacher who came recently to teach at Pine Creek is Virginia Hathaway who teaches French. Ms. Hathaway has lived in Colorado for fifteen years and has taught for twenty-five years and has taught French, German, and Spanish. Ms. Hathaway says, “the students are amazing, the staff they’re really smart, cooperative and helpful.” She also said that Pine Creek has a fun atmosphere. Irini Rinn is also a new teacher to Pine Creek and teaches Honors World Lit, Senior Lit, and Film as Lit. Ms. Rinn has lived in Colorado for 11 years and has been teaching for three years. Ms. Rinn says she’s excited to get back into teaching at a public school and that, “all the kids have been engaged so I’m excited it’s something interesting.” New teachers bring a fresh perspective and a new energy to the Pine Creek staff and community.