Color Dance Ends Early


The night of August 19th, Pine Creek’s student council hosted the Back to the Nest Dance, or better known as the annual Color Dance. This yearly dance is a great opportunity to meet new people and to grow in community with fellow eagles. Students look forward to the first dance of the year, held outside due to the proliferation of color powder. “Dances are definitely really fun, since there’s so much setup that goes into it, and that’s one of the most fun parts about it– being behind the scenes is so great,” said Senior Council Vice President, Kate Murdock.

The Color Dance has been a yearly tradition for 10 years. Often students will arrive at the dance with a group, building their relationships with the friends they’ve made throughout high school. Even if someone were to arrive by themselves, they’d most likely find their place, possibly make new friends, and have just as much fun as they get splashed with color. “I had a group to go with” said Hailey Black (10), “we met at my house beforehand and walked to the dance together. I personally think it’s more fun as a group.”

As the dance continued, it, unfortunately, took an unexpected turn. The students at the dance were sent home early. Student council advisor, Mr. Jeppson, who has been at Pine Creek since the school opened, elaborated on the situation. “The Color Dance has been shut down once before since freshmen were throwing water bottles,” he said.  Since this has happened before, organizers had a plan for what to do if kids were acting out of line again.

“I was kind of mad that it ended early,” said Cole Isaacs, freshman. “I was looking forward to this dance.”  As a result of the unexpected ending, a small student protest arose hoping to bring attention to what was, in their opinion, unfair. However, as Matt Mahan, one of the Vice Principals, explained, “We warned students three times. After the third time, we had to shut things down for safety reasons.” Next year, the Color Dance will happen again, continuing this Pine Creek tradition.