Black Light Dodgeball


Black light dodgeball was hosted at Pine Creek on November 4. This unique event was open to all grade levels, and it took place in Pine Creek’s gym. This event was hosted for fundraising purposes, with the money going towards “Care and Share” foundation. It was a huge success with $800 dollars being raised and great memories made.


The format of the tournament was a 16 team bracket play, with the winners advancing. The black lights made safety vests fluorescently light up when worn by the players, and the balls seemed to be glowing. A total of 16 teams participated in the event, and after all of the games played, “Ball of Duty” was the winning team. 


The foundation that the money went to called “Care and Share” benefited a lot from this event. “Non-profit and it helps supply food banks in southern Colorado,” said freshman Jack Clawson. With all of the $800 dollars going towards the foundation, it all really helped. Many people experiencing homelessness in Colorado Springs will be benefited, so Black light Dodgeball was worthwhile. “[We] did neither good nor bad, but an alright effort, with lots of fun going on,” said sophomore, Nevile Jijina. “Student council did a great job on this event, and a lot of thought went into it. It was put together well, and it was a great time,” said Jijina. 


Overall this event was a great success with $800 dollars going towards the “Care and Share” foundation “It was nice that you get to participate in a dodgeball tournament while also being part of the fundraiser, so it was a double reward,” said Jijina.