POPS Choir Concert


On May 2nd, students in the various choir classes across Pine Creek will participate in the “Pops” Choir Concert. A culmination of work over the entire year, choir students have been planning for Pops since August. Pops occurs every year and has a different theme each time. This year, the theme is music from Disney heroes and villains. Historically, Pops has been a point of buzz for students in the choir.

Alysson Mattson (12), in the {name} choir, commented this about Pops: “I’m really excited for the concert! We’ve been talking about this since August.”

In preview of Pops, you can go down to the halls near the choir room, and hear everyone preparing for the concert. Some songs, such as “A Whole New World” from the Aladdin soundtrack, sound particularly good. Pops is a unique choir concert because it has a story element to it. Though not as rigid a story as one in your standard theater production, since the choir students and theater students often overlap, Pops performers have a lot of fun with their work.

“It’s going to be really good this year,” said Liam Sparling (11th). Choir classes at Pine Creek are traditionally led by Daniel Jeppson and Heidi Lopez, and students are selected for the higher-level choirs based on auditions. Auditions for choirs like Nuance and Mosaic generally happen around this time of year, though, of course, no Seniors performing in Pops will be auditioning.

According to the Pine Creek website, the higher-level Pine Creek Choirs frequently score well at Choir concerts and competitions. They perform frequently all the Springs, especially in the District’s Middle and Elementary schools. Pops will be the culmination of all of that work, over the year. It takes place on May 2nd, in the auditorium.