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Reviewing the Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie

An review on the new Fnaf Movie, this contains major spoilers, watch the movie first if you want!

(This Article contains major spoilers, and is a follow up article on a preview, please read that first before this article)

Earlier on October 27th, the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie was released with massive success. The movie was based on the popular horror game with the same name, Five nights at Freddy’s. The movie was made by Scott Cawthon and directed by Emma Tammi.

The movie takes place in April of 2000, where we follow Michael Schmidt, the main protagonist who keeps getting fired for misconduct. He is offered a job by Steve Raglan to work at an abandoned pizzeria, he at first denies it, but because he’s in a court fight for his sister, Abby Schmidt, he takes the job. The pizzeria is Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria, where there are four animatronics. In his 2nd night of working, he meets Vanessa, a cop who used to always go to the pizzaria, and follows what happens there closely. Later after that day, a group hired by Mike’s rival who’s fighting in court, ransack the pizzaria, but are killed by the animatronics. The group also had Abby’s babysitter, so on night 3, Mike has to take Abby with him, where he learns that the animatronics are actually functioning. He also learns that they are friendly with Abby. On night 4 Mike allows Abby to continue to play with the animatronics, Venessa also joins them that night, and Abby later on gets hurt. Night five starts by Mike having the person he’s fighting with in court to babysit Abby while he goes back to the Pizzaria, he later is injured by the animatronics and is forced to escape, where he is rescued by Venessa. Abby is taken by an unknown animatronic at that point, and is taken back to the Pizzaria. Mike returns to the Pizzaria to attempt to save Abby. After saving her, he is attacked by a person in a yellow rabbit suit, who reveals he is the person who hired Mike, and his name is actually William Afton. Venessa shows up and saves Mike and Abby, and later gets the animatronics to kill Afton.

The Five Nights at Freddy’s movie was highly anticipated, did the students feel like it reached their expectations, or was it an insult to the franchise? Ty Bundy had expected that the movie would’ve followed a different path. “I found it interesting that they went with the book timeline instead of the game timeline. So you gotta read the books to really understand it but it was good” (Bundy). John Divett (10), felt that the storyline that the movie had had reached his expectations. “[The] storyline was very good although I think that the Spring Trap scene could have been way better” (Divett). Lainey Zeimer (10) feels that the movie could’ve used more improvement, but was understanding that it was the first movie. “I feel like it’s the first movie so it wasn’t like it was good, but I feel like it could have of course it could have been better but I would read it like eight out of 10 I still really liked it” (Zeimer). Bundy also found that the movie was not scary enough, but still found it a good movie. “I yeah, there weren’t enough jumpscares I think though, it was more like five naps at Freddy’s if you’re really honest. But yeah, I thought it was really good” (Bundy).

The Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie was mainly made for fans who have played or watched someone play the original Fnaf games. The movie was good, but without knowing the games, it would be confusing.

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