Spring Musical: Bye Bye Birdie!


           The spring musical production is “Bye Bye Birdie”. It depicts the tale of a rock and roll musician who is getting ready to enlist in the military.  Auditions were held January 12 and 13.    Most new people who auditioned were nervous or anxious. Actors who auditioned had to  prepare a monologue and a song to present to the directors.  “To get over the nervousness, I do a lot of breathing and make sure I’m 100 percent prepared and have my whole monologue memorized.” Said Delaney Alexander (9), who got the role in the teen chorus. However, most seniors are not as nervous as the new freshman and sophomores. “I’m not nervous about the audition, I’m just excited about the show.” Said Cole Freyler (12), who got the role of Albert Peterson. 

           The process of auditions can be a lot to handle for the directors and the actors themselves. Stage manager, Emma Gregory (12) said, “I’m always nervous when a show comes up. Whenever we’re at the beginning I always think we’re going to fall apart.” For some students, this forthcoming production will be their first musical of high school, however for seniors, it will be their last. “I really like performing, but I don’t think I’ll continue theater performing. But I will continue with my music.” Said Freyler. The musical elements provide a positive and upbeat atmosphere which can be fun for everyone. 

          The musical will be shown on April 5, 6, and 7 and 7 p.m. More details about buying tickets will be posted closer to the showing dates.