Celebrating Talon Media Seniors

We are celebrating three seniors that are leaving with why they enjoyed this class and what they are doing after grauduation


With Senior Finals over, the seniors are now leaving Pine Creek and heading elsewhere into adult life. Here in Talon Media we have three seniors, Javier Packer, Thomas Felton, Edda Gilbert who have been such amazing classmates. Their contributions in this class have been amazing and we will definitely miss them.

Javier Packer, joined Talon media because of how friendly Ms. Powell, our teacher has been, and using the cameras to take videos or pictures. “I took talon media because I really enjoy the teacher and the people in there and I like cameras so I really like working with cameras, the journalism part, not really my thing, but I like the cameras and [taking] pictures and videos I like that,” said Packer.  The reason why Packer enjoys this class is how everyone in the classroom is nice, he wishes that there was more opportunities to work with the cameras that are provided in the class. “I enjoy it a lot, I kinda wish there was more working with the cameras, I mean I enjoy it, nice people and nice teacher” (Packer). Packers says that he would recommend this class due to how Ms. Powell is lenient with late work and helps you to finish that missing work. “I would definitely recommend this class, it’s my favorite class. One is that the teacher is very lenient, even when your stuff is late she’s understandable, and she works around that and if your missing something she’ll help you get that [done]. I think that what makes a class good is a good teacher.” (Packer). Packer as always been a great classmate bringing laughter with him.

Another one of our seniors that is leaving us is Eda Gilbert, who is always talking about movies and messing around with her camera. She had taken this class because she had already did a class like this in another school and was good at it. “I took talon media because I have taken an electronic media class before in a previous school, and designed I might as well do something that I was good at.” (Gilbert). She likes this class due to how laid-back Ms. Powell is and being able to practice with interviewing and cameras in the class. “I enjoy talon media a lot, I am a fan of how much freedom Ms. Powell gives us, and I enjoy the actual practice in class” (Gilbert). She would recommend this class if you like to work on an end-line based schedule instead of having to do assignments each class period and how great Ms. Powell runs the class. “I would definitely recommend this class to other especially anyone who wants to work on an endline based schedule instead of just doing strict assignments or worksheets [etc], additionally I believe that Ms. Powell is good at running the class.” (Gilbert).

Our final Senior leaving us in Talon Media is Thomas “Cole” Felton who liked to play chess in between articles and made great jokes. Felton Joined this class because before Covid he had taken the previous electronic media called PCTV, where he joined he thought broadcasting would be fun, he then rejoined talon media because of how amazing Ms. Powell was, even when the class was still not the same. “I’ve taken electronic media twice. The first time I’ve taken this class it was it was called PCTV, I joined that because I thought it would be fun to do broadcasting. I came back to this class my senior year, even if the format changed, because I love Ms. Powell, she’s an amazing teacher. It did take some adjusting but in the end it was overall worth it”

Felton said He enjoyed the class especially because he said the people in the classroom were great, and covering everything going on in the school and interviewing people where such great times. “It was an absolute blast, I’ve met a lot of amazing people, and it just been amazing to cover almost everything that’s happening in our school and interviewing people at our school has always been a blast.” He says that if you like or want to try journalism or podcasting or if you are just curious about this class then he would recommend taking Talon Media. “If you want to do journalism of any kind or a podcast on an multiple basis this is the class for you, it’s an amazing class, and if you are curious about it, or if you just want to see what it’s all about, I totally recommend the class because even if you don’t intend to stay the entire time I can guarantee you once you get the hang of it it’s going to be a class you want to take again.” 

Even if you are not interested in going into any journalist after school/collage you should take this class, since some of our seniors are not going into fields that require journalism, like Felton. “I will be going to UCCS where I plan to go into sports manager program and business degree and from there on who knows?”  Gilbert is also not going into something related to journalism, but going into film. “After I graduate I am going to the Savannah College of Art and Design for film.” Packer was going to go to media, but instead has chosen firefighting. “After Graduation I was going to pursue media and cinematography, but [now] after Graduation I’m going to become a firefighter.” We will miss our seniors and the attitude they have brought into the class as they begin to spread their wings and leave the nest of Pine Creek.