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Focusing For Finals

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Finals week is the week most stressed by all students across the world. The pressure to pass, get a good grade, and build a better future for yourself can be a lot to handle. Luckily, the teachers giving these finals are on our side. Many students use study guides, notes, and any other study materials teachers give them, in the hope that will make passing easier. Mariah Williams (9) shared her thoughts on finals, “I’ve kinda just been using the resources that were provided through Schoology. I’ve been a lot more busy because of the workload, but I feel confident and ready to face them.”

A perfect example of using resources teachers provided, to increase chances of passing Will Dietz, (10) has been taking a similar approach as Mariah, “I’ve just been doing all of my reviews my teachers gave me, going back through all of my work and stuff, mainly just making sure I’m prepared for everything. Taking two honors and an AP class finals will be harder than last year.” Will has made finals a challenge for himself by taking harder classes, but it is clear he is trying to build a strong future for himself.

Finally, Ashley Aerosmith (12) is facing her last year of finals for Pine Creek High School, and she is feeling a lot more confident than usual saying, “I spent the entire weekend just studying, for AP Bio, and my AP stats classes, because they’re my biggest ones at the moment, especially utilizing my study hall days to study, just going over notes, making sure I have everything, using any extra time I have. I know how finals work now because it’s my senior year, and I just feel a lot more confident for these finals.” Being a senior in finals can help with fully understanding finals and the way they work, but one piece of advice for these students is just to study. Use the tools teachers give you, go over notes, but most of all, be confident in yourself, and enjoy your Christmas break.

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