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Playing For a New Club


The E-Sports club coached by Steve Errickson and Brittney Nicholson, in its first year as an official club made major progress in its goals and position in tournaments. The club currently provides two main games for their members, Super Smash Bros, and Mario Kart 8. Both games are played on Nintendo Switch, and each game has its own respective team list and roster. The second Mario Kart team was able to reach top eight in their first ever tournament with Smith Barrionuevo (11) explaining that, “When you’re doing teams, there are more strategies like keeping someone in the back to get shells and bananas.”  

Both games require strategy, but also provide many skills to learn and master. One of the Super Smash Bros players, Ryan Villa (10) listed some skills people would acquire while playing the games, “You can build reaction times, it’s a main one with games, also with memorization, learning to play more strategically and being more strategic overall.” Other benefits may include hand-eye coordination, learning to adapt to new situations, and working with a team. Not only are there many skills to learn, but the environment of the club also provides a relaxed atmosphere where having fun is prioritized. Caleb Borlin (11) said, “Pretty relaxed, we just go there and start playing video games, Mario Kart and sometimes there is food, so it’s laid back.” For any parents worried about letting their kids go play games after school, the club is regulated by the school. Barrionuevo said, “The district is very strict about what we can play and do, we don’t have any adult games or too graphic, next year we want to expand but stay in that PG range.” The E-Sports club is hosted every Wednesday and Thursday and starts at 3pm before playoffs happen in the spring.

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Aleksandr Christ, News Editor
Aleksandr Christ (11) is excited to be part of Talon Media this year. He is involved in playing Tennis, helping run the SAFA (Stocks and Finance Association) Club and also enjoys Skiing and Photography. He is looking forward to getting more articles complete this year, interviewing kids, and taking photos of events.

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