Mr. Pine Creek Has Been Selected!


As the 2022-2023 school year nears its end many final traditions are underway.  One of the events is Mr. Pine Creek. This year a group of 7 senior boys compete to get the coveted title of “Mr. Pine Creek.” The event consisted of multiple rounds, the first of which is the talent round. The talents ranged from beautiful songs on multiple instruments, to singing, poetry, and even comedy. One person was eliminated during that round, Collin Bass.

The second round was the choreographed dance, which this year was Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance. This round eliminated two more contestants, William Bauder and Cole Felton. Next was the questioning of the contestants. The audience got to ask the remaining contestants a wide array of questions. This is where Caleb Chung was eliminated. The final round left the last 3 contestants in a dress-up competition. The boys would have to dress up a certain way based on the prompt they got. The prompts ranged from Cruella DeVil’s day out to Metgala. After much consideration from the judging panel, the title of “Mr. Pine Creek” was awarded to Noah Osteroos.

The contestants had an amazing time. Collin Bass (12) said, “I had an absolute blast, the people were so inclusive and so kind. We all had an absolute blast.” Cole Felton (12) said, “It was so much fun, probably the most fun I have had in a long time.”  Mr. Pine Creek means a lot, especially what it represents. Morgan Wylie (12) said, “These guys are the ones that are not afraid to show their real selves.” Before the show, she also said, “The top three are the ones that everyone can’t help but love.”

The annual event was a success from the people that ran it to the contestants themselves, and even though everyone can’t win the title of “Mr. Pine Creek,” it seems like it didn’t really matter to anyone that was there.