Are E-learning Days on Snow Days Worth It


With our 2 snow days used we are now going to be forced to have to do E-learning days, virtually having classes in our homes. The reason we have E-learning days instead of more days of winter is because it’s intended to keep students on track so there is no need for summer to be delayed. Some people would rather risk having summer delayed but be able to have more snow breaks during the winter. The problem hits people in three different ways, how much shorter of a summer do you want, do you have plans already, and how effective is Electronic Learning at teaching students.


I believe that we should have our snow days back even if it delays summer. When it used to be a snow day before the Covid-19 pandemic if there was too much snow students got to take the day off however now students have been deprived of the short breaks with only 2 days being given which are usually taken in the span of a week. The whole idea of E-learning days isn’t helpful at keeping students on track academically due to how everyone learns in different ways and so an E-learning day might be completely ineffective for some students’ education. Another issue with E-learning days are that many teachers plans don’t work online so some teachers have to either scrap their planned lesson and create a new one or just turn their class into a study hall, these heavily disrupt the flow of teachers plans and so negatively impact the planned academic track making E-learning days effectively useless. E-learning days also don’t work for classes in the athletic department because most students can effectively work out indoors as well as some classes like weights are entirely dependent on equipment that most people don’t have available to them in their homes.


E-learning days suck in my opinion. It’s hard to focus because it’s hard for teachers to see what you’re doing, and it’s harder to ask questions. It also makes it extremely hard for Talon Media to produce anything because here we greatly rely on interviewing students & we don’t have the ability to interview students virtually. I know some people are able to pay attention to the class, but I can not because I’m at my house, with access to games. But E-learning days can be nice, you don’t have to get up as early, you can have a proper breakfast if your parents are willing to, you can also go to the bathroom easier. E-learning days also make sure that school is not postponed, meaning any plans I have for summer won’t get pushed back. Also, E-learning can make some teacher’s days easier because they don’t have to lose time to teach & don’t have to postpone tests. E-learning days suck, it’s harder for you to focus on classwork, you can’t effectively ask/talk with teachers, and some classes are unteachable, the only thing that makes E-learning terrible is that school won’t be delayed into the summer.