Potential New Schedule: What to Expect


     In upcoming school years it has been proposed that Pine Creek’s blue day green day schedule is going to potentially change. The new schedule would consist of Monday and Wednesday being blue days, with Tuesday and Thursday being green days. Friday, however, would alternate between blue and green days each week. This would seem to benefit students taking college classes as well as help keep a consistent schedule. Some students feel that it might be disruptive to pre-existing lesson plans and disrupt the flow of the class.
     Many students believe that the change will be helpful with their classes. Amari Luu (11) said “I actually really like it because it’s going to make taking college classes at PPSC or UCCS a lot easier to plan and handle. When asked why the schedule might be changed Luu said that there is, “Just a lot of people that are trying to take college courses that are struggling to fit them in into their schedule because it’s constantly switching blue and green days. It will also make my absences regarding speech and debate and other clubs a lot easier to plan in the future.”  Being more organized and being able to feel more comfortable taking college classes seem to be a common theme regarding the benefits of the possible new schedule. Laura Bunnell (11) said, “I do think it’s because of the increasing concurrent enrollment because I’m doing it next year and I know a lot of sophomores are interested in it.” In the years prior there hasn’t been much demand for concurrent enrollment for sophomores scheduling their junior year. With more opportunities for outside classes, the possibility of a new schedule might aid some students. Furthermore, organization will also be improved as Mabel Kim (10) said, “there may have been some student complaints or parents but overall I think changing the schedule will allow better organization and that the student body will be able to better recognize these set days for homework tests, assignments etc.” Kim feels somewhat optimistic about the idea she said, “It will definitely be quite an adjustment but I think we will get used to it and it should be better with organization.” Kim said that the reason for this might be that, “there may have been some student complaints or parents” Tom Huang (10) does not agree with the potential change he said, “I personally do not like the changes, I think having Friday as whatever day is very redundant and really can mess up a lot of peoples plans on homework and stuff like that so I don’t really like this change.” Huang believes that the changes are because, “we have a lot of snow days and I guess people are just confused of some schedules. Some classes are really ahead because blue day [hasn’t had as many delays] and stuff like that so I can see why but I don’t think it’s a good way of approaching it.”