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Cracking Down on Lunch Tardies


Lunch detentions are being handed out more than ever these days, due to the new system implemented into the school. This system consists of issuing a lunch detention to students who arrive late to school after lunch ends. This article will be conducting interviews with students to determine if this new “system” was a good or bad implementation for future student performance.

Due to a vast amount of students returning to school past the intended time, Pine Creek High School decided to implement a system that would decrease the amount of tardy students each day. This system increased the number of students attending lunch detention to almost double in size. According to the Pine Creek website, “Any student who ignores their lunch detention will receive additional penalties the following day. ” Many students were also unaware of these changes, and they received detentions for arriving late from lunch. 

Administering a form of punishment could have a positive effect on students. Many kids feel worried about returning late from lunch to receive detention. “Lunch detentions count as a disciplinary measure” said Siddharth Dodda (9). “They should encourage students to arrive on time and treat the ability to go off campus as a privilege.” Dodda believes that the changes to lunch detentions are for the better. He understands that less students will leave campus to grab lunch, and instead remain at school.

While this new system may encourage students to arrive on-time to school, some students say that this change may affect them negatively. According to Colton Arends (10), “Lunch detentions aren’t actually a good thing because most people will end up being late either way because of the long lines of cars and large number of people leaving the school. I think that they should at least allow a grace period once lunch ends to let kids get to their classes.”

While some students believe that the school’s new system of lunch tardies will be beneficial to the school’s performance, others perceive the new system as being vexing and unjust to their well deserved lunch hour. “Giving students lunch detentions for arriving late to class would just encourage people to not get lunch anymore,” said Carter Rodgers (12). “They should either extend the lunch period or give us extra time to get back to class.” Many pros and cons leave the issue of lunch detentions at a controversy. 

Based on the perspectives of students her at Pine Creek, the new system of issuing lunch tardies has had a negative outcome on the moods of students. In my opinion, The new system was a bad implementation because it drives students to eat their lunch too quickly, and the long lines of cars make it difficult to leave the school on time.


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