New Years Resolutions


2023 is a new year and many people make New Year’s resolutions and set goals to do better than they did in the previous year. The ancient Babylonians are believed to have first made New Year’s resolutions 4,000 years ago. The Babylonians were also the first to celebrate the New Year, but instead of fireworks there was a big festival. The Babylonians also celebrated the New Year in his March instead of his January. A similar practice existed in ancient Rome after the reform-minded emperor Julius Caesar tinkered with the calendar and introduced January 1 as the beginning of the new year around 46 BC. Named after the god Janus, January had a special meaning for the Romans. Believing that Janus symbolically looked back on the past and future, the Romans offered sacrifices to the gods and promised good deeds for the coming year. Despite the tradition’s religious roots, New Year’s resolutions are now mostly secular practices. Rather than making promises to the gods, most people make decisions only for themselves and focus only on self-improvement (which is why such decisions seem so difficult to achieve). may explain). A recent survey found that 45% of Americans say they usually make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8% of them achieve their goals. However that dismal record probably won’t stop people from making decisions any time soon.  


Here were some of Pine Creeks students’ new year’s resolutions. Sean Morris (11) “My new year’s resolution is to go to the gym more often. I have kept this new year resolution for the majority of the year so far and think I will be able to keep it throughout the year”. Mason Humphrey (11 )”My new year’s resolution is to eat healthier and I think I’ll keep my new year’s resolution”Gavin Graziosa (11) ”My new year’s resolution is to go to the gym more often. My new year’s resolution last year was to bulk up and I kept that new year’s resolution. This year I think I’ll be able to keep this new year’s resolution.” ”Cole Isaacs (9) “My new year’s resolution is to gain muscle.”  He then proceeded to do 20 pushups to prove he’ll keep his new year’s resolution Mason Cardin (11) “My new year’s resolution is to get more sleep. I didn’t have a new year’s resolution last year.” Many people have new years resolutions and some will keep them and some people won’t keep them. Most people won’t finish their resolutions due to a lack of time, resources, motivation or a loss of zeal after starting their new year’s resolution. Even when people make their new year’s resolutions only about 16% of people actually start to follow them according to research. A lot of people also don’t complete their new year’s resolutions because they are more goal oriented rather than a process oriented approach creating small goals to reach their big goal. Make sure when you start your new year’s resolutions you create a big goal but make smaller goals to work towards your bigger goal. Good luck through your new year resolutions.