Investing in a New Club


A new club has been created at Pine Creek, the Stocks & Investment club. The President of the club, Henry Bae (10) explained: “What we do here is invest in stocks and bonds, and we learn investing such as stocks, bonds, crypto, anything that makes us money by investing.” With person to person helping, and helpful presentations, they hope to be able to help people with investing. 


Smith Barrionuevo (10), Vice President of the club further explained what will be taught in the club: “Different types of investments, that they can do like stocks, etfs,cds or bonds, just different investment opportunities and also being smarter with their money and better ways to spend and save.” They also hope to do a competition in both first and second semester. The competition will be held on a virtual stock trader with virtual money to let you experiment and learn. The competition will have a $1 entry fee to join, but at the end of the semester whoever has made the most money will get a cash prize. Henry Bae (10) further explained why members may participate in the competition “They don’t have to but because of the cash prize they might want to.” Emmett Smith (10) highlighted some of the skills someone could acquire from the club, “Finance skills, business skills, how the market works, how to capitalize on changes.” Henry and Smith are both optimistic about the club, with the goal of helping others with investing and being able to invest on their own confidently. The club’s first meeting will be held on October 28 in Room 406 from 3 p.m.- 4 p.m.