Pine Creeks Battle of the Best


One of Colorado’s biggest wrestling tournaments was hosted at Pine Creek this past Friday and Saturday. Each year has increased the number of teams, and this year has been the biggest and toughest show out yet. Twenty-four teams came to the tournament, 3 being out-of-state teams from California, Kansas, and Arizona. Audrey Jiminez from Sunnyside High School was the only female wrestler in the tournament, Jiminez is a Junior World Silver medalist and is ranked #1 in the country. Pine Creek as a team took 9th place with Sir Israel Pulido individually winning the All-Star Dual going 8-1 throughout the tournament, Shay Jones went 6-3 but worked to take 2nd in the All-Star Dual, and Griffin Rial went undefeated going 8-0 but not being able to compete in to the All-Star Dual due to a shoulder injury. Sir Pulido depended on his work ethic to win the tournament he said “I worked hard nonstop, 3 training sessions a day, morning, afternoon, and night, and also kept my nutrition in check,” When asking him about how he felt about his competition the tournament he said, “It was tough and I knew the matches were all going to be close, but honestly I knew I was going to win”. Buchanan High School from California took first place in the tournament, Pomana second, and Sunnyside High School from Arizona took third.


Griffin rial 8-0
Sir Pulido 8-1
Ryder Rhodes 6-2
Elijah Banks 6-2
Axel Hildenbrant 3-5
Josiah Ornales 2-6
Austin Perigo 5-3
Treye Dashner 7-1
Luke Graver 3-5
Shane Carr 6-2
Demetrius McGriff 5-3
Shay Jones 6-3
Matt Geri 5-3
Nate King 7-1