Camping for Halo



Halo infinite campaign released on December 8th and is fantastic. In the campaign you play as master chief and go along a journey discovering and retaking the mysterious Zeta Halo. You uncover mysteries like what happened to your old AI companion Cortana and destroy the armies of the banished enemies you’ll be fighting on this journey. In the campaign you can find items scattered around the map called “Mjolnir armor lockers” that give in-game customizations for the multiplayer. If you wish to play the multiplayer it is out now for free. The multiplayer already has a larger player base than most new shooters this year like Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty Vanguard. As far as the multiplayer goes it’s very fun and exciting to play with a variety of games and characters to choose from, none of the characters have any advantages over the others but they do look different. There are 4 different game modes to choose from and lots of maps. There’s a $10 battle pass with up to 100 extra in game items to collect if completed. While the multiplayer is free the campaign is $60 or included with game pass on pc and Xbox.


I got a special edition halo infinite Xbox series x due to extremely high demand it is very hard to come by, scalpers make bots that buy them the second they’re restocked online. In order to get this consoler I had to go to extreme lengths staying in front of a retail store overnight. The night I stayed I got lucky and it wasn’t that cold, but even if it was very cold I came prepared with a tent and sleeping bags to stay warm, there were around 20 other people in line in front of us even though we got there super late around 11 pm. By around 1 am there was probably around 70. By the time it was morning around 7 there was a line of people going around the entire building probably about 250 people. Unfortunately for most of those people if you didn’t stay the night, you didn’t have the opportunity to get the console. Most of the people were there in the morning didn’t spend the night and the store had a limited supply of 80 consoles. To prevent people from cutting in line they gave everyone who was there earlier tickets ensuring they got a console.


I have the console in hand and have used it personally compared to the old generation its more than 3x as powerful in speed and graphics. What makes this console different from the normal one is the design and the startup sound, the original is plain black but the special edition one has golden and silver lines going around it resembling armor and stars above that.