New class selections 2024!

Javier Packer, Austin Zens, and Alec Bray


There are many new classes at Pine Creek high school next year and students are excited. The list of the new classes coming are, a version of new astronomy, meteorology, customer service, leadership team, a forensic science course, and a lifeguarding class. Administration said that the choice to add these classes next year was to prepare more high schoolers for a part- or full- time career. A lot of students are taking these new classes, Taylan Durell (11th) said “These classes sound pretty cool! I’m interested” Mr. Mitch Boyczuk (10th grade counselor) said “I’d be curious to see the numbers and I think a few of them are going to be pretty popular” Which means that these classes are going to be an interest for many students at Pine Creek and for some teachers at Pine Creek it seems like they are excited too. One of which is Mr. Yates, a science teacher at Pine Creek stated “I love the world around us, I love the physics and chemistry that goes into creating it, and feeding our curiosity and not just learning about the world around us.” 

All of these classes are going to end up being a good application of basic science skills and concepts, with them most definitely being preferred among new Pine Creek students, Durell also stated (11th), “I feel pretty good about going into forensic science, I want to go into a crime job so it’ll help me anyway.” These new core-electives will certainly be a welcome addition to the roster already set up in Pine Creek. Though many students are excited, some students have mixed feelings about many of the classes. Mr. Boyczuk said “We will have a few new classes opening up next year. We will have a new lifeguarding class that kids will take to get their lifeguarding certification. We will also have a new community leadership class, which is really cool. A lot of times students are great leaders on the field but they don’t know how to transfer that into the classroom and into life. We are also doing a new customer service class. We also have two new sciences that are meteorology and a forensic science course.” There are many new classes that students are signed up for and eager to learn new things and try this new set of classes at Pine Creek. With these new classes a Pine Creek student Landon Clark (9) said “I guess it’s nice, more classes, more opportunities to do stuff.” With these new classes there will be way more opportunities for students after High School! For the lifeguarding course students are able to get certified in First Aid, CPR, and Lifeguarding. These certifications can benefit all students that take this course for their careers such as Firefighting, EMT, etc. However, you may be asking “what is forensic science and how can I benefit from it?” Well, forensic science is to aid criminal investigations by collecting and analyzing evidence. How this can benefit after Highschool is the fact that this is what the CIA, FBI, and detectives do leaning more on the criminal and law side of work. 

Many students are inadvertently being misinformed about the new class selection, Jayden (9) asked “Woah there’s a meteorology class? I thought it was a class about fog” Many people still haven’t realized the full range of classes that will be added next year at Pine Creek High School. The promotion of the classes have not been fully promoted by the administration, and people making things up to make jokes which people take seriously does not help the student body stay informed.  Landon Clark (9) was also a student that didn’t know there were new classes coming, here’s what he had to say, “I didn’t know we were getting new classes at all.” This shows that you may need to do a little bit of research before applying to the classes. 

The course changes overall seem like a good addition to the curriculum at Pine Creek, adding new core science electives, along with physical education courses including swimming, though with issues from the administration about actually informing people of the classes that are actually coming, they may not have the best attendance next year at Pine Creek High School. 

The teachers and administrators are excited about the new classes coming and are expecting so many new students. So get in touch with your counselor to apply for these classes early! Applying for these classes early will most likely guarantee your spot in the class. Hope to see many of you in these new classes.