A Change for Choir


Along with everything else, the music program at Pine Creek High School was largely affected by the pandemic.  At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, choir was held fully online. Students had to learn their songs virtually, and perform them alone. Many did not get to experience in full what choir really is. When hybrid learning began in October of 2020, the class became easier, but still not ideal. Singing through a mask was a difficult task. Choirs adapted by going outside to practice their music mask-free. They also had to rehearse on stools that were spaced out around the choir room. Performances also had to be modified. Multiple choirs performed outside, and the audience was limited.

This year, however, things have begun to look up. Students are able to practice together in-person, and are able to have their performances in the auditorium. They get to practice close together as a group on the risers, as opposed to being spaced out three feet apart. Tuesday, October 19th was the first choir concert of the year. The choirs were able to perform their beautiful music without masks, and with a big audience filled with family and friends.

Pine Creek has eight award winning choirs. These include Chamber Singers, Concert Choir, Festival Singers, Women’s Ensemble, and the acapella groups: Fusion, Mosaic, Nuance, and Dynamix. Sophomore Mikayla Jester, who is a member of Chamber Singers, explained that “the freshman are usually in Concert Choir,” and there is no audition required for this group. However, students wishing to be a part of the other choirs must go through an audition process. Music is a big part of who Pine Creek is, and our choirs will hopefully be able to keep performing their music throughout this pandemic.