New Pool, New Classes


As students are signing up for classes for next year, two new aquatics classes are making a big splash.  Aquatic Sports, & Lifeguard training are being offered as P.E. courses next year.  Many students are excited to try out the new pool, either from taking a class, or being on the swim team.

The first new swim class, aquatic sports & conditioning, is a great class for those who like to swim. “I think it’s a fun alternative to kids who love swimming. It’s just one more enjoyable class kids can do instead of doing the other P.E. classes we offer,” said Mitch Boyczuk, counselor. Students think that it’ll be great to have the opportunity to swim in school. “They help students in water, and they maybe help them swim” said Dvyansh Kulkarni (10). Zachariah Davis (11) said “I feel like it gives students an opportunity to swim and do something they enjoy. That’s not something we had the opportunity to do.” This class can also be used to substitute regular P.E. classes students may not like. Counselor Jade Mcintosh said, “Some kids aren’t really a fan of traditional PE classes, so a pool class gives life skills students can use after high school.”

The other new swim class, Lifeguard training, gives students training for a potential job. “Where else can you take classes for free to learn how to swim and take lifeguard training? That can long term relate to a job you can get paid for,” said Mcintosh. With Lifeguard Training you will actually get CPR certified so you can become a lifeguard more easily. “I think the biggest motivator is going to be the lifeguarding class, so this way if students want to get a job being a lifeguard, they can take our lifeguarding course, get CPR certified, lifeguard certified, and become a lifeguard that much easier,” said Boyczuk. Charlotte Gates (10) said “I think they help motivate students because they might like swimming more, and they might want to become a lifeguard since there’s a lifeguard class and want to learn new fun sports.”

With the finishing of the pool, new classes aren’t the only thing that’s getting added, now swim teams have a place at Pine Creek to practice. This means that more students are encouraged to join swim & dive teams due to the ease of access the new pool will have. “We can probably get more kids for swimming and diving. Now that they can practice in our building. It brings more flexibility to an already really good swimming and diving team, so we can actually watch them do their sport and make students who are excellent overall,” said Mcintosh. Students are excited to use the new pool for swimming teams. “I’m a swimmer, and I’m going to be able to swim at our new pool for the next swim season, so that’s just super exciting. It makes it so we don’t have to go down to Rampart and practice, and we’re able to stay here and be able to practice like all the other teams at Pine Creek,” said Davis. Gates is also excited about not having to go to Rampart for meets or practice, “If you’re on the swim team, we have a place now to swim, and we have a place to practice and host meets instead of having to go somewhere else to practice and do meets, and it’s actually really nice.”