Limited Capacity in the Library

Due to the stress of having too many students in the library the librarians were forced to make the library limited capacity.


With all-school lunches, the lunch room is more packed than ever. Students started using the library as an overflow eating area, and eventually the library exceeded its maximum capacity. The librarians were unable to manage the amount of students that were entering the library and needed to enforce the fire code restricting the number of people the space could hold. Some students were not happy with the change, but it means Librarians can more easlity manage the students and ensure the library remains safe. According to one of the Librarians, Iris Olivaris, “[We had a limited capacity] Because it is a fire code issue that we had meet up about the following the fire code, the maximum capacity that’s posted on the library door.” There were around one hundred fifty to two hundred students when the all school lunch first happened, which exceeded the 72 person maximum occupancy, “When we first started all school lunch it charged ahead of us when we were having 150 – 200 students at a time. There’s a maximum occupancy in here, it’s 72 [&] it’s posted for a reason,” said Olivaris. Having that many students in the library was an extreme safety problem. “there was the issue of there wasn’t enough supervision for that many students in one small space and there’s the issue of everyone’s safety, being too crowded in the library.” The Librarians hope to get the library reevaluated so they can make sure it’s safe  Olivaris said, “Hopefully we will get the space reevaluated again just to make sure that the occupancy is 72 or the number may go up so hopefully we will get that valuation something soon this year.”

Many students feel it’s an annoyance to have a limited capacity, John Divett (9) thinks that it’s hard to get lunch from the cafeteria & get in the library “I want to go get lunch at the lunch line I have to wait 20 minutes or so and by the time I want to come back to the library I have to wait for the rest of the lunch period”. But others, like Landon Davidson (12) thinks it’s reasonable to have a limited capacity for the library “we can’t have too many people in the library because it could get too loud and crazy like the lunch room”. The only thing Davison doesn’t like about the limited capacity is that it can get hard to reach the library on time before it’s full “it kinda stinks when you don’t get in the library on time.”