Bringing Back After Prom

TopGolf chosen as After Prom venue.


For 10 years our school has not had an after prom activity until now. The AfterProm23 Committee combined of both teachers and parents have been given permission to finally do an After Prom event. AfterProm is the place to go to when the Prom is over & you still want to have fun & continue the party. This year Topgolf has given Pine Creek a sponsorship & has allowed three juniors and three seniors to go to Topgolf for free to promote Topgolf being the after prom venue.

Pine Creek’s upperclassmen asked why we were the only school in D20 that didn’t have an AfterProm “Our upperclassmen were asking why their Prom was the only one in D20 without a fun, safe destination afterwards” said Cami McIntosh of the AfterProm23 Committee. The AfterProm23 Committee answered the pleas of the Upperclassmen by partnering with sponsors & the administration. A drawing was held to provide six upperclassmen, three juniors, and three seniors, with free golfing to promote the after prom event.  The AfterProm23 Committee hopes that this will bring normalcy & comfort in a post covid year. “We hope this provides a sense of normalcy post-Covid and in the years to come” said McIntosh.

While the AfterProm23 Committee feels this is the right decision there are some students who agree and disagree with the After Prom event.  Nathan Ritting (11)  Dawson Stafford (11) and Liam Sparling (11) were all hyped that having an after prom is a great idea after learning that there’s going to be one. “I did not know until just now” said Ritting,  Sarling said he was, “pretty hyped”,  for the event and Stafford agreed. TopGolf is an interesting choice for an after prom venue, and the students had differing opinions and suggestions. Ritting said we “Could always go to Sky Zone”, while Stafford said, “I think Topgolf is a good pick, you could do it in your suit, [it doesn’t require] a lot of mobility”.  The Free Game for Topgolf was good idea to promote the event and they were glad that it was a random drawing.  “Random is better, there’s no bias or favoritism and now you can ask anyone and anyone can get picked” Sarling said.  “You don’t have to be popular”.

Yet with the positive feedback there’s some who think that having an After prom will be too much planning & complication. Kastyn Borg (12) thinks that instead of having an after prom that they should have more activities at prom. “I think it’s a lot of unnecessary extra work, because prom is already a lot of time to set up, I think instead of having an after prom activity they should have more activities at prom.” Kastyn thinks that topgolf is also a weird place to have an after prom since people will already be exhausted from the activities at the prom. “Personally I think there are some pros and cons, the pros is that there’s less people doing other stuff, the con is that it is kind of an odd choice for an after prom, I think people are not going to want to do a whole lot else.” Tickets will go on sale with prom tickets at a later date.

Parents won’t want to miss Eagle Parents Mingle, a social gathering and AfterProm fundraiser. To be held at The Embassy Suites on Woodman Blvd. on February 25 from 6-9 pm, EPM is a night of fantastic food, live music, and fun auctions. Tickets are $50 each and can be purchased by contacting Parent-Teacher Partnership at [email protected]. Come enjoy an evening out while meeting Eagle parents, supporting AfterProm, and ultimately supplementing the cost of student tickets.


Update: The lucky students who were pulled in the raffle said they enjoyed games of golf with one of the winners Dawson Stafford (11) saying, “It was so much fun just a ton of friends there, and we golfed for an hour and a half, just a good time” and that “they have a lot of room and I feel like it’s somewhere that everyone can have fun no matter the skill level, you just hit a ball”. Another student who won the raffle Zain Kahn said, “I thought it was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone, it’s a good thing to have out of school activities, to socialize, I think that kind of after prom would be cool”. Another student Ashlyn Kuhns (12) said, “It was pretty good, my boyfriend really enjoyed it, I know the other guys that were there did a lot”. The students also had some ideas on where else would be a fun location for after prom. Dawson Stafford (11) expressed that “I do think the after prom should continue at places at Topgolf” and that for places he thinks would be fun for after prom “I feel like bowling is a lot of fun”. Zain Khan (11) recommended, “I think Topgolf is pretty cool, there’s a lot of other places like Sky Zone, in that area there’s a lot of other places nearby”. Cooper McDowell (11) another student who won the raffle suggests, “The summit or Air 360”. The Afterprom23 committees next organized event is the “EagleParents Mingle” with Afterprom23 committee chair member Cam Mcintosh saying that, “on February 25th from 6-9 pm. For a $50 ticket, parents will enjoy an evening of social activities, auctions, food, and a live band, to purchase tickets, please contact the committee at [email protected] or leave a note and check in the PTP mailbox”.