Second Semester Changes


Pine Creek High School is going through some changes compared to last semester.

One of these changes is that Access Saturday is moving to the afternoons of each school day. “We want to align with the late work policy and make it a little more immediate for kids to get their work done during the week rather than waiting until Saturday” said Ms. Melody Black. Students have assignments due all throughout the week, so this is allowing students to have more time to work on it all. “We decided that if we do it everyday after school that would make it more immediate. This also gives kids an extra hour during the week.” said Ms. Black. Having more teachers is one factor that affects how students perform in school. “On Saturdays, there aren’t many teachers in the building, so after school at 3:00 there are still teachers in the building.” said Ms. Black.

Pine Creek administration also made another important change, they did away with activity time and advised club sponsors to meet before school, after school, or during lunch. For some clubs that only used activity time for leaders to discuss club activities, this doesn’t require many changes. For others like the National Honor Society, with over 200 members that used to meet during activity time, this requires some major changes. “I think the change is going to be a good thing overall. There will be more times when clubs can meet, so I think there will be less overlapping once each club figures out when it meets” said Ms. Scott. “Seven to eight clubs meeting. All at one time” said Ms. Scott. Students who were in more than one club had an incredibly difficult time meeting with all of their clubs during the week. “I’m hopeful that [the change will make] students feel less rushed. They can take a little bit more time because it’s longer.” said Ms. Scott. The change isn’t all good, however. Meeting times are going to be more complicated. “I think that students will need to use a calendar in their phone or a planner, and write out all of their different clubs and the different days they meet at lunch,” said Ms. Scott. It will be a good change because now students will be able to meet with more of their clubs because they aren’t all meeting on Wednesdays at the activity time.