Pine Creek Competes in Codequest Programming Competition


Saturday, April 30th, 2022, Pine Creeks computer science students entered the Lockheed Martin Codequest competition. Each year, Lockheed Martin hosts Code Quest, an annual computer programming competition where teams of two to three high school students work together to solve problems by using JAVA, Python, C#, and/or C++ programming to complete the “quest”. The problem set consists of 20 to 30 challenging problems created by Lockheed Martin engineers and computer programmers. Eleven students from Pine Creek entered the competition,  Emmett Smith, Caleb Borlin, Demetrius McGriff, Neville Jijina, Andrew George, Joe Clagnaz, Andy Lewis, Hojin Han, Jacob Rayburn, and Aydin Escamilla. This was a special event as it shows the best high school programmers in the state of Colorado.  Jacob Rayburn and Aydin Escamilla placed 3rd in their division out of the 40 teams in the competition. “It was a good experience it helped me learn a lot with coding and it will definitely help in the future. It felt good being able to place high in the state of Colorado even though we only had 2 people on our team whenever there are usually 3 in a team,” said Rayburn. “The experience was fun I really enjoyed it. I was really glad we were able to be together at Pine Creek, it was set up well, and it felt organized. Being able to place was a good moment for me. It was tiring but overall happy” said Escamilla. Computer Science teacher, Ms.Gardiner, has been taking students to this competition for ten years. “I think it gives them a window to the industry world with coding bigger and harder projects. It makes them reach beyond their comfort zone and that’s what makes them grow,” said Gardiner.