How Do We Prepare for the 2022-2023 School Year?


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Ella Beckwith and Taylin Sorden

With the second semester already a month in, students have begun to choose their classes for the 2022-2023 school year. Pine Creek High School offers a variety of courses for all types of interests and possible career starts. The PCHS Course Guide, which can be found on the PCHS Website, provides brief descriptions of classes, prerequisites, grading, graduation requirements, and college admission recommendations.

Marielia du Toit (12) shared her recommendations for classes that she has taken in the past: “I would recommend taking Zoology, Biology, AP Government, AP Psychology, as well as Philosophy, Economics, and Applied Psychology,” said du Toit. “My favorite class was Applied Psychology, because it’s all about your life, and bettering yourself.”

A class that is very popular with grades 10-12 is Psychology. This class studies basic psychological theories, and how they are applied in the real world. Zoology, another popular choice, offers an in-depth study of the animal kingdom.

Another program offered by Pine Creek is Fine Arts. The Fine Arts programs offers many opportunities for credits, career interests and an overall passion for students. Some basic courses include: theatre, choir, band, art, as well as more specific categories such as preforming arts, music comp, and color guard. Keison Morales (10), a member of the chamber singers choir, says that his inspiration to take music courses comes from his passion to “sing with others who like to sing.”

Nohelly Gomez (11) offers her opinion on advanced classes. When asked how many Honors/AP classes she recommends taking during junior year, she answered, “Not that many, maybe four.” Honors classes stress academic excellence, preparation for college, as well as independent thinking. AP programs give students the opportunity to take college-level courses and obtain college credit while in high school.

If feeling indecisive, Pine Creek offers great organizations aimed towards finding a passion and creating goals for next school year. Seeing a grade level counselor, speaking to teachers, or even other students can be helpful when creating a course plan for the 2022-2023 school year.