Tips and Strategies for Finals Week


With finals week approaching, Pine Creek High School students are studying and preparing for their upcoming exams. Finals week can be a stressful time for students, and with students not having finals since December 2019, the pressure is even more significant this year. Even though finals week can be a lot of pressure, there are also many tips and tricks that students can use to make finals week just a bit easier. “Taking steps like extra sleep and healthy eating can go a long way when preparing for finals,” says Shawna Newman in her article for studying from According to other websites, studying in groups and studying early are also some of the best ways to get ready for finals week.

Teachers also have study tips that can help students prepare for finals. Ms. Tews, who teaches senior literature and AVID, says, “Study about a week before your test, maybe start even earlier if you have test anxiety.” Other tips she has are “Make note cards for yourself to study; this can be very helpful when memorizing for a test.” Ms. Tews also mentions that studying in groups with your friends can be very helpful when studying. A lot of online websites also encourage studying with partners Claudia Ortiz from writes “If you put off studying until the last minute, regularly scheduled group study sessions can eliminate your procrastination.”

Teachers aren’t the only ones who have advice, students around Pine Creek also have a lot of advice that can help you prepare for finals week. William Conway is a junior who has advice for students around the school on studying. A crucial part of studying for him was “Doing flashcards and Quizlet, they’re probably the best way to get tons of information down.” When asked when you should start studying he said “ a week or two before the finals.” Another junior, Jackson Zenner, says “Do not procrastinate, start studying now while you can.” Jackson says he studies every day for at least an hour during the week before finals week. So, as the final week approaches, make sure to follow William Conway’s advice and “work at a pace that works for you.”