Harvest Of Love Wrap-Up


Roarke Hanegan, Photo Editor

The Harvest of Love, an annual tradition that has been celebrated in Colorado for the past 25 years, comes back to Pine Creek between Oct. 18 and Nov. 18 of 2021. A month-long race to provide for those who don’t have enough money to supply themselves, the focus of this event being is to lend a hand to one-out-of-every-seven people in Colorado who don’t know where their next meal will come from. This food drive starts by collecting both donated food from patrons or low cost food from stores, and distributed to their 273 donation stations across Colorado, which then help donate the food to people in need. 


Student Council has planned several events to promote participation in Harvest of Love. Aside from students paying cash to throw actual pies at actual teachers, Harvest of Love started with a dodgeball game with a special twist: it took place in complete darkness, complete with black lights! A flurry of green vests, white sleeves, orange wristbands, and pink face paint illuminated the gym at the black light dodgeball game, which was won by the Ball of Duty team.


Lindsay Mitchell, an Advisor for the student council at Pine Creek said “Thanks Pine Creek, for raising $6,275.69…plus food donations, for Harvest of Love this year!!!” “So many individuals, parents and families will be smiling because someone cares.”. The harvest of love has done what it does best for the 26th time, giving food to the foodless, giving hope to those in despair, and giving love to all. From the dawn of this event all the way to the end, from Oct. 18 to Nov 18, the harvest of love has perfectly encapsulated the best aspect of the American people: Hope, harmony, love, and food.