Two Claps and a Ric Flair


Nicholas Bialobos, Staff Reporter

Athletic Director (AD) and Assistant Principal, Mr. Brenden Netherton is beginning his first year at Pine Creek High School but certainly not his first as an AD.  “This is my seventh as an athletic director in a school setting, but first year at Pine Creek,” said Netherton. He was previously an AD at Gateway High School in Aurora, and before that was at a middle school in the same city. When asked how he felt about the athletics program, and the capabilities of the underclassman in the sports at Pine Creek, Netherton was very supportive and impressed. “I think our underclassmen or freshmen level is one of our better levels that the school has had, I think overall we’re doing really well. If you think about football, volleyball, boys soccer, cross country, golf, tennis; they’re all shining right now and they’re doing really well. They’re performing at some high levels across the state.” Although this is his first year at Pine Creek, Mr. Netherton, seems to be very enthusiastic about the athletics program “I think overall it’s a good environment for students to thrive.”  Netherton touched on was the ability of the coaches this year. He explained how the performance of the players this season is heavily based on the ability of the coaches “I think that all goes back to, in all of our programs, how well our coaches are able to create an environment of competitiveness and to be able to compete at a high level.”