History of Pine Creek’s Lucky Charm

“President Goose” has gained notoriety in recent years.


Most people think of Pine Creek’s mascot as the Eagle; however, we also have a more unusual and obscure symbolic mascot–the goose. The goose has been a part of our school spirit in recent years and it appears at all sporting events. The goose has had a crazy legacy that includes explosions, a city-wide track down, and a security team to follow it as a result of these troubles.

A few years ago, Paul Dickson (a former Pine Creek senior) stole a goose lawn decoration off his despised neighbor’s lawn. Dickson and his friends decided to take the goose to all the sports events, gaining popularity in the community. Soon, the legend of the goose spread, leading to other schools taking notice and sparking a trend of sporting lucky charms, such as Vista Ridge’s Gnome, Liberty’s Rocking Horse, and Rampart’s Cone.

Pine Creek’s main rival, Rampart, constantly plans ways to steal and destroy the goose, a hard task with all the students who act as goose security. Senior DJ Thompson said “We have the football guys surround us. From the car to the stadium and then from the stadium to our cars. And then if it is a football game, the security guards come with us to the car, to escort us.”
In 2019, at a basketball game against Rampart, a group of students were in the parking lot with the goose, when a small pickup truck pulled up and attempted to destroy the goose with fireworks. They got away with the head, which resulted in a citywide track down, ending with no satisfying results. Senior Caeden Bishop says after the attack the goose was, “kind of beat up”, as well as “the underside of the goose.” Following the attack, the new goose’s head always wears the Pine Creek Soccer scarf with Senior DJ Thompson saying “The Rampart kids  grabbed the neck of the body, so they ripped it off and then we bought a new one and put it on. It’s just kind of a tradition at this point,” Thompson said.

The goose has become an icon in school, sparked camaraderie, and has become a symbol of luck for sporting events.