Bonjour to Excellence


The French Club started by Angelique Vuldy, sponsored by Mrs. Boyczuk is a club open to all levels of French speaking students. The club’s goal is to encourage students to learn about French culture, and provide insight into other cultures Angelique Vuldy (11) said “It’s a club where we come together to celebrate French culture and French language and you don’t necessarily have to be in French class to be in French club, it’s just to celebrate food and culture”. When asked what French club was about, Nolan Vuldy said, “French club is a place where you can be with your friends, speak French, and do fun activities, we learn about French history and popular pop culture stuff”. The club also does many French activities to help encourage students such as Mardi Gras and more, Angelique Vuldy said, “We usually bring in a bunch of french food, last club we watched french music, we just learned about the culture”. When asked about what kind of activities and events occur in French club Nolan Vuldy said that in French club they observe, “News about stuff that’s going on today,and music”. Some of the topics and activities they participate in the club are not done in the class, providing a unique experience Nolan Vuldy (9) said “I joined the French club because we go over a lot of topics we don’t cover in the French class and we learn about history and what’s happening today in France”. Many students learn more about the country, Jack Kwasny (10) said “I’ve learned more about France as a country, I’ve gained more knowledge in that kind of sector”, he also said why he thinks it’s important to learn about other countries “It’s better to have an open minded view of the world and I think learning other cultures and countries helps you see things from another perspective“. Angelique Vuldy also said “Learning about other parts of the world helps you learn about yourself as well, I think it has impacted students by offering them insight into what other cultures look like“.

Angelique Vuldy started the club because “I am French and my family is French and we’re from France and I thought it was a really great way to connect my culture to school and show everybody who I am”. Kwasny recommends the club, “to people interested in learning more about the language and more about the country of France, its different events, heritages and people wanting to meet others”. French club founder Angelique Vuldy said, “I would definitely recommend joining French club it’s a great way to introduce other people to things you like, and that’s one thing I like and I think introducing others to things you like is good”. Nolan Vuldy has also said that they, “would recommend it’s a great place to meet new people and connect with others”.