Girls Soccer Shooting for the Stars


Credit: Ryan Truofreh

Spring season has officially started, and girl’s soccer is one of many sports to have a bright future. In their previous season, they dominated the Academy 20 league going 10-0 being first in the league, and having it be their 21st season in a row making it to the playoffs. Unfortunately, their season came to an end early last season ending in the quarter-finals against Columbine high school. Coach Frederick said “I wish it was as easy as just changing some simple things. We lost 7 starters from last year’s team, so it is a completely different group. As we begin this season, we have the challenge of trying to adapt to our new strengths and getting those that were role players last year to step into starting positions. Believe me, they are ready to go! This may take some time and it will be an exciting season with some tough obstacles and opponents to overcome, but our learning curve is high. We will be back in the playoffs ready to be a scary opponent for others once again! Let’s Go Eagles!” Also talking to the players about their improvements, “Well, we lost some seniority this past year, but we’ve seen a positive mindset from our team and everyone is working hard to be even better than how we were last year! I’m excited to see what this team can do!” said Lauren Anderson(10), “We lost a lot of talent from our senior class, but we have also gained some great talent as well. a lot hasn’t changed from last year because we still have a group of girls who are dedicated and want to work hard to win. it’s a different dynamic having a younger team from having an older team the last couple of years but regardless, it’s going to be a great, competitive season!” said Ava Amsden(11). Also talking to some of our girl’s soccer senior captains about their influence on the team, “I would say just supporting each other and always believing in one another, and understanding each other’s mistakes, being a senior has a strong influence it’s like being a mom of the team, a lot of the younger girls on the team need that role model to look up to so it’s always a big role to fill.” said Kaily Ellsworth(12), “I would say that I have influenced the team to be united by being organized and understanding and building good team camaraderie throughout the different classes from freshmen to seniors. I think I have helped create the understanding that everyone on the team has a valuable role that will impact the success of the team. And it is important to play for your teammates and the success of the team rather than yourself.” said Monica Yoder(12). Girl’s soccer has recently won their past games, winning against Windsor 4-1, a loss against Thunder Ridge 2-1 in overtime, and a win against Rock Canyon 2-1.