Spring Break Activities


Kayden Williams

With Spring break here it’s time to find out what some students are doing with their time off. If it’s either staying at home and playing games with friends, traveling to spend time with family, studying for SAT, tests, or competitions, or to do fun activities during the break, it’s your time to do what you want to do and relax.

Many students here at Pine Creek will be traveling to visit family and friends, or to go to activities, like Triston Pack, a freshmen, who is traveling out of state to visit his father to hunt boars, “I will be traveling out of state, I’m going to hang out with my dad, my uncle, and my aunt, probably go boar hunting.” While many students go out and enjoy their family or activities out of state you can still stay in state and do activities, like Christian Floraz, another freshman who likes to spend his free time dirt biking, “I’m going to stay here probably just go do some stuff with my friends usually we go dirt biking.” Floraz will also  be going snowboarding here in Colorado once spring break happens “I might go snowboarding in keystone for awhile, probably for four days.” Even though many will be leaving for activities, some choose to stay at home to either play games with friends, or to use the time to study and make up assignments, like Amari Luu, a Junior, who’s going to stay in state to catch up on work “I’m going to stay in state, I’ve already taken too many trips this year and I need to catch up on a lot of things I have missing.” Luu also is using this time to prepare for an upcoming FBLA contest “I’m going to be preparing for my FBLA contest.”