German Class going to Germany

The German class has a trip planned to go to Germany, where they will see castles, museums, and other landmarks.


Kayden Williams, Staff Reporter

French and Spanish classes have annual trips to their respective countries, but now German class has a trip to Germany. Next year the German class will go to Germany and visit Munich, Berlin, and Hamburg. When students go to Germany next year they will get to visit the Olympic Stadium where Germany hosted the Olympics in 1972, Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, Neuschwanstein Castle and so much more.

The German Trip will be hosted by the German Teacher, Herr Frie, and EF Educational Tours. The motivation for students to take this trip will be getting to experience the culture and use the language in the country instead of only using it in the classroom according the Herr Frei, the German Teacher, “The big motivation factor to go to Germany is first real world experience with the language and culture it’s great to talk about it in class and it’s great to see it and fell it a little bit but to really truly experience it getting there is a great way to have that.” Some students that Herr Frie has taken with him said that it had made the German experience better, “I’ve had lots of kids who I took on my first trip [in 2018] give me feedback right now who has gone by themselves saying that everything in class is great but the trip made it better because they went to Germany and were able to see it, use it, feel it, experience it,” said Frie. If you are interested in this trip, look forward to seeing castles and museums and experience the culture first hand.  Frie said, “I think the whole trip is going to be an amazing experience, we are going to be able see and do so much in such of a small amount of time. I think kids are going to enjoy everything from visiting castles to visiting museums to even just sitting down at a restaurant and chit chat with German kids their age and getting questions they really want to know that I can’t answer from a German teenager. They might not be able to get that experience again.”

Some of the the students here also think that this trip will be great. Alexandra Grace (9) is excited to go “I really want to go!  It will be my first time going overseas.” Shunya Kawazoe (11)  is also excited to go because he’s going to a country that’s something he’s not too familiar with “Yeah, it’s 11 days of being in Germany and this time it’s that I’m not going to know the language they are speaking, so that’ll be a little better than going to Paris.” Grace says that “Compared to when going by yourself  it’s cheaper.”