Vaulting Into a New Season

Track and field competitors are getting ready for the start of a new season that will bring exciting new opportunities for competition and success as the weather starts to heat up. Jack Kwansy (10) likes to run long distances and said that he joined because he “enjoys running”. Kwansy also said that his biggest accomplishment so far was his mile time being 5:30 “It’s fast but certainly not slow”, he said. For the future Kwansy said that “this season I would like a 5:10 mile and a two and a half minute 800m:”. Jack Shepard (10) runs the mile and 2 mile and says that “I really enjoy it because I like running and the team experience” and that his biggest accomplishment was “getting a 5:15 minute”. In the upcoming season Jack Shepherd is “hoping for sub-5 miles”. Liam Wetzel (11) says that, “I run sprints, I do the 100 meter dash” and that he joined track and field because “ I did it freshman year to see how it was and I liked it so I continued to do it”. In past seasons Wetzel’s greatest accomplishment was that “my freshman year I was on the state four by one team,” and in the future season he “would like to get a faster time than I did last year”. Kate Murdock (12) who said that, “ I do jumps, my favorite is high jumps” and that she joined track and field because she “started doing track and field in middle school and had a lot of fun, and I had a natural talent for high jump so I continued it in high school”. Murdock said that her biggest accomplishment was when “I got a personal record which was super awesome to get, and I’ve been working all year, my person record was 4’10” her goal for the season is that she will, “want to jump 5’ which I only need to jump 2 more inches to get”. 


Track and field has multiple different events. Ethan Yu (10) says what is included in the track section of the sport “The track part is obvious, you run along a track trying to get a faster time while theres different races or different lengths, you can do hurdles you can do sprints”. Meanwhile the field aspect of the sport has sports such as discus, shot put, pole vault, and more. Jacob Caperton (10) says some benefits of joining are “the overall health of running and also just if you go into the stadium and run out there competitively it’s fun”. Ethan Yu as well said some of the benefits from being a part of a team “ I would say running which you would improve on and working with a team, encouraging each other”.  The athletes in Track and field are excited and hopeful for a season to accomplish their goals.