The Scoop on Lacrosse 2023


Lacrosse is starting up and players are hopeful for an amazing season. Athletes are returning this season with the goal in mind of winning a championship game. Owen Reid(10) said his goal is “Win a championship, go to the playoffs.”  Quinn Lachat (12), said “Because I’ve been playing it since I was really young and I wanted to play lacrosse in school.” With 14 seniors on the team, many Varsity spots will open next year, encouraging players to work even harder than they usually do in hopes of attaining a coveted Varsity spot. Joining the lacrosse team also brings many benefits as Lachat explained “All the guys are nice and it’s really fun. The connection is really tight and I’d really recommend it,” Caleb Seeling (12) said one of the aspects he really enjoys is, “Being able to be physical. and to stop pretty much everybody I can.” The team goes through a lot of training and exercises to get them physically fit and to bond with their teammates. Carson Cavanaugh (12) said one his favorite things during the lacrosse season is “meeting new friends.” The team started training before the season even started in order to be in their best physical shape. They worked on skills such as offense and blocking, training through sleet and snow to prepare for a winning season.

Last season, Pine Creek came out with a 5-10 streak.  Their rivals, Cheyenne Mountain and Air Academy, had great seasons prior, sparking up goals for the team to beat their rivals this year. Seniors Carson Cavanaugh and Camden Starmer have the goal to break the scoring record of 30, in a three way tie between Camden Starmer (12), Chase Stensby (10), and Thomas Webb (10). In a game of lacrosse, the average goals scored per game is around ten. Improving the winning record also seems to be a popular goal, as LaChat hopes  “[To] get a really good winning record.”