International night


March 2, 2023 Pine Creek had its annual international night. This night students had eaten multiple foods from around the world and experienced many cultures with their friends. There were more than 30+ food from Germany, to Mexico, India, France, Japan, and even more. Hosted by Boychek, one of the French teachers, Herr Frei, the German Teachers, and the other language teachers they also had international music and the top three dishes that were the most enjoyed won prizes. The Top three winners the Mogambi Ongondi in 3rd place, Darius Rymski in 2nd, & Leo Para who had won first place. 

There were three winners, here’s what some of the winners had to say about the event on March 2. Darius Rymski (11) the second place winner said “I was pretty excited that it happened, but I was kind of surprised too.” One of the reasons Darius was surprised was because he made corn salsa last minute! Rymski said, “After school I heard that there was a student competition, so I made corn salsa right then and there and I took it to the school.” Hard work definitely payed off for Rymski. Rymski’s friends even hyped Rymski’s dish to other students encouraging everyone to vote for his Corn salsa.  This shows that even if you try at the last minute, you still have a chance of winning! This taught Rymski about many different cultures. Rymski said this experience “opened my eyes that there’s a lot more food out there than what you’d expect, especially different types, especially in different cultures.” Mogambi Ongondi (11) the 3rd place winner said he was also surprised that he won, and his favorite part was “cooking for the night itself.” However, though many people liked many different foods from the event, Ongondi’s favorite food was the Currywurst which is a fast food German dish that consists of fried sausage and pork. 

International Night brought many cultures and food from everywhere around the world to one big dinner, everyone liked all of the food opinions. Brender Paige (11), a friend of Darius Rimsky, had really enjoyed corn salsa that were in the event “Corn salsa, so good lime jalapenos onion, you can taste everything, it’s delicious.” Paige’s favorite food from the even were the French marshmallows someone had made. “These little white marshmallows made with egg mites that looks like bird poop but in a cool formation [were one of my favorites].” Leo Para (11) had won first place with his tamales. Para was happy that he had won the competition, & thought that the competition was fair, “It was a fair competition but I’m glad that I won.” One of the reasons why Para enjoyed international night was because of all of the cultures mixing together from all of the international foods. “My favorite part of international night was the many cultures you get to see, you get to see food from everywhere which is something really cool.”

The many foods in the international night were amazing and were enjoyed by all. International night will come back next year with new dishes and whole new cultures to learn about!