Off the Ice


The 2022-23 varsity team heads out to the track for conditioning.

The off-season can be one of the most important times in a student athlete’s year. One must find the fun in working hard to maintain the skills they learned throughout their season so they do not digress. We asked five hockey players what they will do during the off-season in order to prepare for the 2023-24 season as well as what their goals are. What they do in the off- season can really impact their game in the seasons to come.

Connor Bohl (10) was on the Varsity team this year for Pine Creek and has been playing for the school since he was a freshman. His plans for this year’s off-season include running and lifting weights. His goal for the 2023-24 season is to, “Gain some muscle” (Bohl).

This was Emmett Smith’s (10) first year playing hockey for Pine Creek. In the off-season, Emmett plans to, “Shoot on net, go on runs, join track, work out more, eat a whole lot of food, stay active and go outside, and train for hockey things, like stickhandling” (Smith). When asked about his goals for next year, Smith said that he wants to, “Get a stronger, more accurate shot, get faster overall, and make varsity.”

Along with Emmett, this was Cody Donnally’s (9) first season playing for Pine Creek, as well. In the off-season, Donnally wants, “To shoot 500 pucks, practice 3 times a week, and play lots of inline hockey.” Inline hockey is similar to that of ice, however with wheels instead of steel blades. The sport is also traditionally played on greased wood or plastic to allow the puck to move quicker. There are certain rules enforced in ice that are not in roller such as off-sides and icings. He was on the JV team this season yet he moved up to play Varsity a few times. Cody shares a similar goal with Smith for next year as he hopes to secure a spot on the varsity roster.

Similar to Bohl, Ethan Crosby (10) has been playing for Pine Creek since his freshman year. He wants to, “Do a lot of hockey” in the off-season. Ethan’s goal for next season is to become one of the alternate captains for the team and maintain his position on Varsity. 

Brayden Pollock (10) played his second year for Pine Creek this season. He played on JV, yet has also played up to Varsity for a few games. He has planned to go to summer camps, [take part in] weights, and play more hockey in the off-season. Pollock also wants to be more of a contributor to the team and to make Varsity next year. 

All five players wish to make Varsity for the upcoming season, and all are keeping their skill set up during the off-season to push them towards their goals. This is why the off-season is one of the most important parts of your career, because it can make or break it depending on if you stay fit. Taking the summer to relax may be an option for some students, but continuing to sharpen your skills as an athlete can help an athletic career in the long run.