Knowledge Bowl On the Way to State


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Composition with books on the table

Isabella "Edda" Gilbert, Chief Video Editor

There are many clubs at Pine Creek, but only some fill a niche like Knowledge Bowl. Focusing on widespread academic topics, from Math to Language Arts and everything in between, Knowledge Bowl operates like a game of Jeopardy. Yet, Knowledge Bowl members work on teams, in near-silent hour-long rounds. Students fight to answer questions, communicating only with hand signals. They answer a question, and they get a point.

Knowledge Bowl students are currently preparing for State, after getting 2nd place at Regionals. The competing students were Ben Jensen, Caleb Borlin, Elliott Bossetti, Khushi Talluru, and Noah Barrionuevo. However, Knowledge Bowl has a rotating team with many more members. Kastyn Borg (12), one of the team captains, spoke up about why she joined, stating “ “I did a similar competition as a middle schooler, so it just seemed natural to be a part of Knowledge Bowl”.

Furthermore, Knowledge Bowl has been a staple at Pine Creek even before COVID. Led by Megan White, the club’s sponsor, Knowledge Bowl has been consistently performing in the top rooms of the competitions. This was corroborated by Smith Barrionuevo (10), who also added, “We compete with the best people in the division, like, every time.”

Many students in Pine Creek’s Knowledge Bowl team claim to be nervous about the competition this year, Borg claiming that “The teams this year are tough, and the competition is always stiff.” However, Pine Creek has taken home many trophies for their consistent effort, against teams like those of Liberty and Mesa Ridge. Ms White spoke up about the club as well, with her hopes for their work at State. “I that our team is going to be really competitive, this year.”

The ultimate goal of Knowledge Bowl is to increase your knowledge, to strengthen your mind. Look out for our Knowledge Bowl team as they make their way to State!