Preparing for FBLA’s State Conference


Aleksandr Christ and Daxton Davenport

Future Business Leaders of America, (FBLA) is a co-curricular organization at Pine Creek that helps students develop leadership skills in a variety of different competitive events.  Gurman Goraya (9) explained what FBLA does for students “FBLA provides one with the insight so that they can prosper and thrive in their chosen field of occupation.” It also provides students with many opportunities to bond with other students and hone their skills. Eric Lin (11) described the district competition, “The presentation day where you present in front of judges, it’s a fun thing to do with your friends.”  Taylan Durrel (10) said “I think FBLA really builds up that confidence in your work and leadership.” The organization has many opportunities for the students as well outside the club, such as going to state and conferences. They can also help the students get many scholarship opportunities in their chosen career paths. Angelique Vuldy (11) explained why students should join FBLA “I think people should join FBLA because it’s like skills that you can use in any field not only business, because of so many different events they do.” She continued on further benefits they could acquire. “You can benefit by being a part of your community I feel, is a big one you get exposed to so many people and schools.”

 Nikhil Pudtha (11) who’s been in FBLA for three years and has qualified for state in both data analysis (2023) and journalism (2022) said that going to state “Has a lot of workshops at state for you to do, and you can meet a lot of new people.” Gurman Goraya (9) joined FBLA because, “I thought being a future business leader of America would be cool.” Goraya qualified for both impromptu speaking and financial math and said that, “I do think going to state is a good opportunity, you work together and it builds teamwork, and it’s honestly just fun”. Nitya Pudtha (11) who joined FBLA because, “I’m really interested in business so that just made me interested in FBLA.” Nitya Pudtha said, “It’s really fun it’s a nice opportunity to hang out with a lot of people and the pools [at the Gaylord Rockies Resort are] really fun.” Students have to place fourth place in speaking or presentation events and fifth in tested events at the district competition to qualify to go to state. “I didn’t actually qualify this year, but we do a chapter involvement award, called PEAK award so it’s like a reward for an entire chapter and that’s I’m going to take to state this year,”  said Nitya Pudtha. Mogambi Ongondi (11) who qualified for state in computer game and simulation programming said, “It’s mainly just the learning experience because even if you don’t qualify for state you still get that learning experience, you get to try out all these events for yourself, you get to see what you’re able to do and that feeling of accomplishment is what I get from the club.”


For next year, if you are interested in joining FBLA contact Mrs. Powell in Room 401, or come to the interest meetings and club fair next fall.