Freshmen are Fantastic


On February 9, Pine Creek High School Student Council will be hosting an event Freshman are Fantastic celebration for the incoming freshman class of 2027. There are two groups in this event, one of which is a blue group and the other a green group. At 5:45 to 6:00, the blue group will begin with musical entertainment. Caleb Chung will perform a prophetic welcome for the student body at 6:00  Following that, there will be a number of club selections, such as musical selections, speech and debate selections, and cheer selections, before the PCHS football chant. The principal of Pine Creek High School, Mrs. Cormany will then discuss Pine Creek, make some introductions, and discuss the evening’s events. Green group should start at 6:30 with the scheduling process and curriculum guide in the auditorium, with the session ending at 7:15.

 The curriculum fair should start at 7:15 in the cafeteria. During this time, parents and kids can ask questions, meet their future teachers, and interact with current teachers. Students will also be able to know what  supplies are needed for their classes. There will also be student panel discussions in the area behind the library, and then there will be an activity fair in the upper hallways and an athletic fair in the gym. Dana Ko (12) Student Council Member said “ I think that Freshman are Fantastic is a great opportunity not only for the freshman obviously but also for upperclassmen at Pine Creek or just Pine Creek students in general that have experience to share their knowledge and also promote all the different great activities. 

While events and athletic fairs are taking place in the gym, clubs will be showcasing their activities. There will be a group of teachers for each subject area and department who will be explaining to parents what classes their children should take beginning in freshman year and extending through senior year. There will be several different activities. Mrs. Davis, one of our teachers representing our art department said “ We have four full-time art teachers. We have one that teaches all the 2D art, we have another one that teaches all ceramics. We have another one that teaches jewelry and sculpture. And then myself, I teach all of the digital arts like graphic design and initial photography,” she said. 

Students and coaches representing our winter, fall, and spring sports,will also be available to answer questions and encourage incoming freshmen to join their sport. One of our wrestlers Braden Clark (9) “Pine Creek Wrestling is a good opportunity to stay in shape, your well conditioned, and you become tougher as a person.” Another member of PCHS wrestling team, Carson Mattsson (9) said,“Wrestling builds character, it  teaches how to overcome challenges, the importance of being a good teammate, and that success that has to be earned through hard work and determination.”  

Make sure to be at Pine Creek at 5:45 on Thursday, February 9th. The school’s students and staff are looking forward to welcoming the class of 2027. More information will be given to the families closer to the date.