GSA Shows Support for Victims of Club Q


Isabella Gilbert and Maverick Martin

On December 8th, 2022, students of the Pine Creek Gay-Straight Alliance (or GSA) hosted a holiday party where students could get together in a safe space and have fun. However, the small party had a dual purpose. While at the party, students were given the opportunity to make holiday cards, to be distributed at a local community center. Additionally, there was a poster that students could sign in support of the victims of the recent Club Q shooting.

Evie Kuster, student representitive of the GSA, said, “We think that this will be a great way for students to be active in their community.” In solidarity with the group who had been affected by this tragedy, many non LGBTQ+ students gave words of support as well. Students such as Kastyn Borg (12), wrote that they would keep the victims of the shooting in their thoughts. Additionally, many made holiday cards that would be handed out at Inside Out, a local LGBTQ+ community center in Colorado Springs.

But on a personal front, the GSA officers and club members believe that this will be a great touchstone for Pine Creek students. As it stands, LGBTQ+ students at Pine Creek High School face a lot of adversity. Lark Shrank, Vice President of the GSA, stated, “I expect that we might face some pushback from students, some harassment, because of the poster.” Having been kept in GSA Sponsor Evelyn Platt’s room, the poster was carefully monitored during the period where students could sign it.

GSA member, Echo Luna (9), said of the poster, “I think that it was a really good idea, but I’m nervous that other students will do bad stuff with it.” However, the poster has already been fully signed and dropped off with Inside Out, alongside the holiday cards made at the party. If anyone is still looking to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado Springs, they can donate to Inside Out Youth Services.