Holiday Harmonies

One of Pine Creek’s most popularly sold-out performances is the holiday choir concert. The event took place on December 6 at 7 p.m. The concert included Festival choir, Treble choir, Chamber choir, and the Acapella groups. The choirs performed a variety of seasonal songs, ranging from quick and upbeat to slow and pretty. Brie Burres (10) Said, “It was very entertaining. I enjoyed watching the other groups. It was overall a good show.” Maintaining the traditions of Pine Creek, teachers joined the festival singers on stage, along with all the choirs gathering to sing “Peace, Peace” and “Carol of The Bells.”  Lainey Ziemer (9) said “I thought it was pretty nice, all the harmonies were really good. I was really impressed with everyone.” Everyone in the auditorium had a great time Tuesday night, and our upcoming concerts will bring the same, if not more fun and happiness. As we enter the new year, the choirs are excited to sing more modern songs in the Pop concert which will be held May 2.