Making Waves


The 21-22 State Runner-up Girls Swim and Dive team celebrates their win.

Following their 2nd place 4A state finish last season, the girls’ swim and dive team is looking to make big waves by winning state this year. Many of the competitors share this common goal.

Madison Mintenko (10) said, “One of the goals I have is making state with my team and being able to compete well. I think this year, we have a really good chance of winning state.” Another competitor, Molly Burton (12) said, “[My goal is] to do my best to earn the most points that I can, because I know this year we have a really strong team, and I want to do my best to help us win state.”

Although the team is confident in their abilities, it is not all said and done. The road to achieve these goals has challenges and obstacles to face. Competitors know this more than anyone. Madison Mintenko (10) said, “I’m currently doing both club and high school swimming, so I’ll have to work on scheduling. That would probably be the most difficult part for me.” Scheduling can be tricky for many athletes. Sophia Turner (11) explains that, “Injuries, as well as doing another sport alongside swim and dive are my biggest challenges.” The swim team has had 3 coaches in the last 4 years and Ryleigh Gilcrease (12) said, “this is hard because each one has their own way of doing things.”

Being in the pool or on the diving board is where these athletes feel at home. Madison Mintenko (10) said, “Diving into the pool is probably the most relaxing thing ever because it’s really calming for me to just dive in and do what I need to do.” Senior diver Sarah Burns (12) said, “It’s like a rush of adrenaline. There’s no feeling like it honestly.”

The team excels at different forms of swimming and diving. Sophia Turner (11) said, “My favorite dive is a front double pike. The most difficult dive I’m attempting this season is a front 1-twist, 1 summersalt, 1 ½ summersalt.” Molly Burton (12) shared her favorite swim stroke, “My favorite stroke is backstroke or butterfly because I’ve done those the most, so those are my favorites.” Sarah Burns (12) favorite stroke is the breaststroke. She competed in this event at state last year.  

The swim and dive team started their season off with a huge splash defeating Discovery Canyon November 29. Their next meet is away against Liberty December 6 at 4 p.m.  Although the grind of a season has its challenges, the competitors have confidence to perform their best.