Hockey Starts with a Jamboree

The Pine Creek Hockey teams participated in a jamboree at the World Arena. The others team there were Liberty, Rampart, and Air Academy. The Pine Creek team, a mix of Varsity and JV, wore the green home jerseys with blue and white trim. Rampart wore yellow with a black and blue trim, Liberty had white with a red and blue trim in their first two games and blue with a red trim during their third game, and Air Academy wore white with a blue trim.

In a jamboree, the score is not kept, penalties don’t count, and the time keeps running even during stoppages. Two 25 minute periods are played, with an ice resurface in between. The Eagles played 3 games, 2 in a row against Rampart and then Liberty and then they had another game against Air Academy after a game break.

Pine Creek played a great game against Rampart, outscoring and controlling the puck for most of the game. The second game, Liberty came out strong and we didn’t play our greatest, but we only lost by 2-3 goals. The last game, we came prepared after our break, well rested and fed. We played a great game, controlling the puck and scoring plenty of goals.

All 5 of the coaches’, Coach Ed, Coach Matt, Coach Dean, Coach Liz, and Coach Rob, said that we played great in the first game. The second game however, was an embarrassment and that we need to step it up if we want to win the next one, the Varsity games on Tuesday and Saturday, and the JV games on Saturday and Sunday. Then, after the Air Academy game, the coaches said that we played well, but we still need to step it up if we want to win the next games.

The next games will be on the 29th, 2nd, and 3rd . Varsity plays Doherty on the 29th and Mt. Vista on the 2nd. and JV plays Palmer first on the 2nd and then Palmer again on the 3rd.

Our Varsity team won 8-2 against Doherty. They played a great game, but Pine Creek had a great night. The player of the game was Boston Kellner for Pine Creek, who had 3 goals.